30 years of Passion and Tradition for a Unique taste experience.

Artico’s is a new concept in in home-made ice cream. Built on the strength of our excellent ice cream-makers’ thirty years plus experience we focus on continuous research and experimentation into new combinations of aromas and flavours, to transform the tradition into an art form and offer our customers unique and unforgettable taste experiences every day.

We select our suppliers carefully to ensure we get the highest quality raw materials and carefully select the basic ingredients of our ice cream, always fresh every day, natural and genuine with no colourants, hydrogenated fats or artificial flavourings. Combining passion and commitment year round, our aim is simply to “create” excellent ice-cream.

The Art of italian ice cream making

As told by Master Ice Cream Maker Maurizio Poloni

My adventure in the world of ice cream began more than thirty years ago and right away I realised that mine was a passion. It is that same passion that still guides what I do today, using the craftsman’s wisdom and innovative sensory explosions, to make real Italian ice cream that is traditional yet contemporary.



Our ice cream is made every day using very carefully selected ultra-fresh ingredients.


Quality whole milk from Italian cows fed exclusively on grain, hay and grass.


Eggs from Italian free-range hens, and mainly used in our cream-flavour ice creams.


Cream produced from Italian cow’s milk, freshly whipped every day, ensuring the lightest a and highest quality cream.