Quality ingredients and the necessary technical know-how are the fundamental basis for the success of any homemade ice cream. For this reason in our Arctic ice cream parlours in Milan and Naples, for our cream flavour ice creams we only use the best raw materials. Milk, Eggs and Fresh Cream are selected locally and used in our in-house production facility. This allows us to create quality ice cream that is both creamy and characterful and above all always super-fresh and, of course, the real thing.

Dried fruit possesses technical, nutritional and flavour characteristics that are all valuable for the purposes of producing excellent home-made ice cream. Our ‘Walnut’ flavour ice cream is made with nuts that are strictly home-grown from the mountain slopes of Etna; our ‘Puro di Bronte Pistachio’ is sweet or salty but anyway has plenty of character; ‘Sicilian Almond’ has sweet, fragrant notes; ‘Piedmont IGP Hazelnut’ is made with both raw and roasted nuts; ‘Liquorice’ is made with liquorice from the iconic Amarelli company in Calabria, and ‘Pure Pine Nut’ uses pine nuts from Sicily – these are just some of the many high quality, ice cream flavours we sell.