Experience, craftsmanship and a world of excellence, scents and flavours all characterise Artico ice cream parlour, the place where all your senses come into play enjoying the absolute honesty and wholesomeness of the real Italian ‘gelato’. Our philosophy and mission is to offer an excellent product, both traditional and contemporary at the same time.

Research and experimentation in the world of ice cream means we are constantly developing new combinations of aromas and flavours, always in line with our overall philosophy, rooted in our passion for the craft and in the wisdom handed down to us from the master ice-cream makers of the past. For this reason our ice cream embodies tradition alongside innovation and a continual, tangible passion.

Master ice cream-maker of the Bergamo school in Lombardy Maurizio Poloni is a purist when it comes to ice cream. He says:

My name is Maurizio Poloni. I was born in 1955 and I am an Ice Cream Craftsman by profession, my identity card also confirms the fact. My love affair with ice cream started way back in 1981 when, together with my father-in-law – once also a master ice cream maker – and my wife, the adventure began in the historical ice cream parlour in Novate Milanese.

It is from that moment on that the art of ice cream became my passion. It’s this same passion that still guides my choices today. It inspires me constantly to keep ahead of the game by trying out new things, while never forgetting the tradition of real, Italian ‘gelato’, as taught by the Great ‘Gelato’ Masters of the 1980s.”

“I’ve both lived through and seen first-hand the transformation that the world of ice cream has undergone over the past 35 years to arrive at the creation of ice cream that today is totally traditional but at the same time contemporary and continually evolving. So, thanks also to those who believed in me and my professionalism, in 2012 I opened the Artico Ice Cream Parlour in Milan. The success we have enjoyed over the years is what has lead me today to embark on a new adventure with the opening of an actual school for the training of future Ice Cream Chefs.”

Maurizio Poloni


Our customers can watch ice cream being made fresh every day on the premises. Thus, the ingredients – genuine and natural like those of the past – are transformed before their very eyes into unique creations ready to be enjoyed. Milk, eggs, fresh cream, strictly seasonal products and quality raw materials are the true stars of our daily work and they are the ones who really make our homemade Artico ice cream what it is: balanced, fresh, light and delicious.